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Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Acquires SuVolta’s IP Rights for Low-Power Technology


Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Advances in extreme low power will contribute to the Internet of Things

Yokohama, Japan, April 8, 2015 — Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited announced that it has acquired the intellectual property rights to PowerShrink™ low-power CMOS technology using Deeply Depleted Channel™ transistors, held by SuVolta, Inc.

In addition to miniaturization, the trend in technologies demanded of semiconductor manufacturers such as foundries is toward power efficiency as the key to product performance in new markets that are seeing explosive growth, such as wearables and the Internet of Things. As a technology for enabling extremely low-power processes, for some time Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor has focused on SuVolta’s PowerShrink low-power CMOS technology using DDC transistors with low threshold-voltage (Vt) variation, and has worked with SuVolta to develop technologies that use Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor’s own advanced process technologies. The results of that collaboration are the 55nm products using those technologies, which went into full-scale production in September 2013.

With the IP acquisition being announced today, Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor looks forward to bringing additional power efficiencies to its existing processes and advancing to 40nm process technologies. The company plans to develop platforms that incorporate non-volatile memory or radio-frequency elements with the low power technology, which will be key to wearable and Internet-of-Things products. In addition, building an extreme low power platform (with static leak power that is 0.1% of the company’s existing low-power technologies) will allow the company to offer products with the world’s lowest power consumption for their process generation (per the company’s own research), helping customers make their products more competitive in the marketplace and dramatically improving performance, thereby contributing to the emergence of the Internet of Things.

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Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor is a pure-play foundry company based on 300mm wafer manufacturing facilities located in Kuwana city, Mie, Japan. Headquartered in Yokohama, it was established as a subsidiary of Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited on December 1, 2014. UMC became its minority shareholder in March, 2015. Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor provides high-quality technology and services, with wide-ranging expertise focusing on Ultra-Low-Power, Non-Volatile Memory and RF Technology.
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