Donating killifish to a nearby elementary school


As part of our social contribution activities, we donated killifish grown at the Mie Plant to a nearby elementary school on May 10.

Comments of Principal: “Thank you so much for donating healthy killifish. We will make effective use of them in science classes. Experience of growing living creatures is very important for children, and we will grow them with great care. “

Initiatives for Environmental Targets
“Initiatives for Safe and Secure Plant” and “Biodiversity Preservation”

We have installed a water treatment system adopting the latest technology and operate it appropriately in order to reduce the burden on the aquatic environment caused by the discharge of wastewater containing hazardous substances, COD, nitrogen, and phosphorus. As a method of monitoring quality of discharged water, we have continued to use killifish.  Killifish repeat the generation change every year in the monitoring tank.

In June 2013, we established a new tank for monitoring killifish. The killifish grown in the tank have been provided to local elementary schools for their science classes as a contribution to the local community.

Our Environmental Initiatives:

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