Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Solutions

By taking advantage of our previous memory development knowledge and experience as an IDM(*) manufacturer, USJC provides a wide lineup of non-volatile memory (eNVM) products for customers’ various needs. *IDM: Integrated Device Manufacturer
*IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer)

Embedded Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Lineup

High End NVM

We will introduce our technology solutions using FLOTOX
(FLOating gate Tunnel OXide).



  • we offer our original FLOTOX Fash, a highly reliable technology with proven records in the automotive market, which were accumulated since our period as an IDM
  • Achieves both a high performance of at least 100 MHz and endurance performance of 100 Kcyc; meets AECQ-100; and guarantees operation at Tj150°C.


  • Automotive, high performance & large-capacity eFlash memory

Middle Range NVM

We will introduce our technology solution, Plug-In Flash.

Plug-in Flash (In-House)


The Plug-In concept enables customers to embed flash memory in their products while making the most of existing design resources.
– Minimize chip cost with sophisticated design integration of processes, devices, and circuits.
– Low-power-consumption data reading and rewriting are implemented using novel circuit technology.


  • Wearable, IoT, Consumer MCU

Low End NVM

We will introduce our technology solutions with non-volatile memory IP.

OTP(One Time Programmable): eFuse


Low cost Non-Volatile Memory that can be manufactured using a standard logic process
– eFuse is manufactured in-house.


  • Security, Storage of trimming data, Storage of small program files
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