Plug-In Flash

“Plug-In Flash” is a novel flash memory featuring low power, low cost and plug-in which our company has been developing for wearable and IoT applications.


Plug-In is a concept, achieved by our proprietary process technology, to embed a flash memory into base technology, without affecting the characteristics of transistors and other devices.
With this concept, designers can use design assets for base technology as is.

Conceptual illustration of microprocessor with flash memory
Fig. 1: Conceptual illustration of microprocessor with flash memory

Comparison of flash
Fig. 2: Comparison of flash
*: By introducing a new materials for the charge storage film, the memory cell structure has been simplified, saving a number of manufacturing steps.


  • The Plug-In concept which enables customers to mount a flash memory on their products while making the most of existing design resources.
  • Small cost adders achieved by sophisticated integration of process, device, and circuit.
  • Low power consumption in data-read and data-rewrite implemented by novel circuit technology.
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