• 洪 錫興 S S Hong /Chairman

      SS Hong is chairman of United Semiconductor Japan Co., Ltd. (USJC), and also serves as vice president of UMC’s Digital Function organization. Chairman Hong graduated in 1985 from National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan with a degree in Materials Science and Engineering. He joined UMC in 1988 and spent more than 30 years in multiple positions to lead the company’s production management. He has led multiple projects including UMC group Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology Integration, Production Efficiency Enhancement/Cost Reduction, key integration projects on Corporate Information Technology, Information Security Structure and Operational Support Integration. Prior to his current position, Chairman Hong was vice president of Fab Operations at UMC and was also in charge of numerous fab supporting functions. .

    • 河野 通有 Michiari Kawano /President

      Michiari Kawano serves as President of United Semiconductor Japan Co., Ltd (USJC) since October, 2019. In 1980, he joined Fujitsu Limited as a CVD engineer. After many years of experience in process integration businesses of DRAM, Logic Devices and others, Mr. Kawano became the 12th Manager of Mie Plant and also took the roles of Senior Vice President of Manufacturing Unit and Member of Board of affiliated companies that offered backend manufacturing services. In 2010, Mr. Kawano became Executive Vice President of Development and Manufacturing Unit in Fujitsu Semiconductor limited. Prior to his current position, Mr.Kawano took the position of Director, Executive Vice President of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited in 2014 and was appointed as President in 2016.

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