USJC Diversity Policy

Making every personality a shining value

  1. We respect the differences of our employees as individuality and open up new possibilities.

    People have different perspectives, beliefs, and ways of thinking because they are different from others. When they know and appreciate differences and unite toward a common goal, new possibilities will sprout. That is why USJC will respect individuality.

  2. We support the diverse careers envisioned by each employee.

    We have employees of new graduates, mid-career, childcare leave, and rehired after retirement. They might say “I want to challenge something new" or "I want to master my current job.” Since each employee's situation and aspirations are unique, we will flexibly support their individual career plans.

  3. We will foster a culture in which all employees can shine brightly and their desire to shine.

    We hope employees to shine themselves, not USJC makes employees shine. We are committed to creating an environment in which they can do so.

  4. We aim to be a company where everyone involved shines.

    We will build an environment where not only all employees, but also everyone involved with USJC, from business partners and stakeholders to local residents, can shine.

Initiatives to Support the Development of
the Next Generation and Promote Empowering Women

USJC is committed to provide a comfortable work environment in which all employees can balance work and family life, while exercising their individuality and abilities to the fullest. We work in accordance with the aims of the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Developing Next-Generation" and the "Act on the Promotion of Active Roles for Women in Work”.

We will continue to fulfill our social responsibility by promoting "work-life balance," which is to help employees balance work and family life, and to promote women's activities in their work, by formulating the following action plans so that each employee can work in good mental and physical health while utilizing their own strengths.

Action Plan

We formulate the following action plans to provide an employment environment in which all employees can play an active role and balance work and family life.

Planning Period

Five years from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2028

Target, Efforts, and Implementation Period

  1. Target 1

    The percentage of women in management will be equal to or greater than 10%, which is the same percentage as the overall number of women employed.

    Implementation Period and Initiatives

    • April 2023
      Selecting candidates and considering measures for assignment
    • October 2024
      Assignment of candidates for manager positions
    • October 2025
      Start of planned placement
  2. Target 2

    Increase the percentage of male employees taking childcare leave to at least 30%.

    Implementation Period and Initiatives

    • April 2023
      Considering career support for employees raising children
    • April 2024
      Raise awareness of various systems and consider measures to promote their use
    • April 2025
      Implementation of measures to improve the rate of employees taking childcare leave
  3. Target 3

    Raise the average days of annual paid leave taken to at least 18 days.

    Implementation Period and Initiatives

    • April 2023
      Assess the actual status of annual paid leave utilization
    • April 2024
      Labor representatives and management begin discussions regarding measures to achieve targets
    • April 2025
      Implementation measures to promote systematic use of paid leave

USJC's achievements in advancing women's initiatives can be found here.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Companies that promote women's activities:

Various Programs and Benefits

Please see the following pages.

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External Evaluation

  • Eruboshi☆3

    Date of Certification
    November 24, 2021

    Certification system for companies with excellent performance in terms of women's activities, based on Act on the Promotion of Women's Active Engagement in Professional Life (We are 3-star rated.)

  • Shining Women's
    Project in Mie

    Date of Certification
    December 8, 2020

    Registration system for companies in Mie Prefecture that support various initiatives to promote women's activities.

  • Companies Promoting Work Style Reform in Mie

    Date of Certification
    November 1, 2021

    Registration and commendation system for companies that review their employees' work styles and take action to create a comfortable workplace environment for everyone (work-life balance, support for next generation development, and women's activities, etc.)

  • Tomonin

    Date of Certification
    April 26, 2021

    Symbol mark indicating that the company is working to promote a workplace environment that allows employees to balance work and care.

  • Mie Tokowaka
    Health Company

    Date of Certification
    July 1, 2023

    Certification system for companies promoting proactive health management initiatives.