Collaboration with Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture

On April 25, 2022, USJC finalized a comprehensive partnership agreement with Kuwana City with the aim of realizing a sustainable society. We contribute to achieving a decarbonated society through social activities.

Comprehensive Collaborative Agreement for the Realization of a Sustainable Society
April 25, 2022 Press Release
桑名市と連携し、持続可能なまちづくりを推進へ | USJC:United Semiconductor Japan Co., Ltd. (

Specific Initiatives

Donating Eco-friendly Cashier Paper Rolls to Kuwana City

USJC has committed to donating eco-friendly cashier paper rolls to Kuwana City for five years until 2026. These paper rolls are used as receipts for Kuwana Station North Bicycle Parking. Furthermore, students who use the parking and pay for the parking pass in cash can receive a 3% discount from the regular fee for a limited period.

※the discount period: from August 17, 2022, to March 31, 2027

June 22, 2023 Press Release
USJC Promotes Bicycle Use Toward a Decarbonized Society – Kuwana Station North Bicycle Parking –

Support for Green IoT lab Kuwana

USJC has joined the "Green IoT lab Kuwana," an initiative established by Kuwana City with the goal of becoming a zero-carbon city. One of our initiatives to support this goal is the installation of a donation vending machine in the cafeteria of the Mie plant.
A portion of the revenue generated by the vending machine is contributed to Kuwana City to support its Zero Carbon City initiatives.

donation-type vending machine

Developing Digital Human Resources
Who Can Play an Active Role in the Community

Participation in ”Chubu Semiconductor Human Resource Conference" and
"Mie Semiconductor Network"

USJC is involved in the ”Chubu Semiconductor Human Resource Conference" and "Mie Semiconductor Network", and collaborates in the development of human resources. Host of "Chubu Semiconductor Human Resource Conference" is METI of Chubu and its of ”Mie Semiconductor Netwrok” is Mie Pefecture.

The goal of both conferences is promoting the semiconductor industry in Mie prefecture through the collaboration of local government, corporations, and schools.

USJC will continue to develop human resources through both conferences.