1. Purpose and Legal Compliance

  • We will comply with tax laws and regulations and strive to enhance corporate value by properly managing tax costs under an appropriate tax compliance system.
  • Similarly with respect to tax payment and information disclosure, we will strive to maintain and improve tax compliance in accordance with tax-related laws and regulations in each country and region, as well as standards published by international organizations, etc., and to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by paying appropriate taxes.

2. International Tax Compliance

  • We will comply with the standards and guidelines on international taxation issued by international organizations such as the OECD, and will abide by international taxation rules including transfer pricing taxation.

3. Realization of an Appropriate Tax Burden

  • From the perspective of maximizing corporate value, we strive to minimize tax risks and make appropriate and effective use of tax burden reduction measures, etc. within the fair scope of legal and moral principles.
  • We will not engage in tax avoidance, which is an excessive act of tax reduction through interpretation and application that deviates from the intent of laws and regulations.

4. Relationship with Tax Authorities

  • We are committed to providing factual explanations and responses to tax authorities in good faith and maintaining good relations with them.
  • Through timely and appropriate tax reporting and payment, submission of tax information, etc. as requested by the tax authorities, we will take appropriate corrective and remedial measures for agreed-upon issues.