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Education and Training

Education and Training to Support Growth

The technology industry is experiencing unprecedentedly competition in rapidly changing times. Semiconductors have become not only essential to our daily lives, but also hold strategic importance for each country. Therefore, cultivating and retaining talented people in the semiconductor field is crucial for ensuring a company's competitiveness.

USJC offers a wide range of education and training programs that serve as stepping stones for personal and professional growth. These programs are based on the four principles of the UMC culture: Integrity, Pragmatism, Agility, and Ingenuity.

Education Policy

USJC education policy is based on the principles of Integrity, Pragmatism, Agility, and Ingenuity, and includes a variety of subjects designed for stratification, technology skills, languages, mindset, and e-Learning.

USJC is known as a warm and friendly foundry, offering a rewarding and challenging workplace for its employees with a focus on human resource development to create an environment where everyone can have a sense of belonging, learn new things through daily work, and advance professional growth.

Education Policy

Education System

Education System

External Training

USJC encourages its employees to participate in external training programs as part of its commitment to human resource development, providing opportunities for skill and qualification improvement through various training programs to support employee growth.

Training for Various Competencies

USJC encourages employees to integrate into the UMC culture, receive training to improve competencies required for various jobs, roles, and positions, and continuously develop personal careers.
Employees at various levels can take training courses based on job scopes, competencies, and specific skills. Our comprehensive training programs are delivered by both qualified and certified instructors from inside and outside the Company. We systematically implement training programs with substantial content, including inviting lecturers.

※Those who have received internal certification for their specific knowledge and ability to instruct.

Training to Improve Engineering Skills

With the aim of enhancing the engineering skills required for semiconductor manufacturing, USJC implements specific training programs every year. These programs are designed in stages from beginner level to advanced level, so engineers can constantly learn skills for new technologies, improve product quality and increase productivity.

Engineering Skill Improvement Training Steps

Engineering Skill Improvement Training Steps

Training courses are designed for different levels

Language Training

USJC offers language training designed to enhance communication efficiency with both internal and external contacts by improving English and other language skills.


All employees at USJC receive compliance and department specific training through our e-learning system. USJC tailors essential educational content and provides training programs in accordance with the following principle: Deliver targeted education to employees precisely when they need it, ensuring they have access to the skills and knowledge necessary for success.

Proactive Action and Accountability Improvement Training

In order to practice its core corporate values, particularly accountability and a proactive attitude, USJC has implemented Accountability training programs since 2021 for a wide range of positions.

Accountability Improvement Training

New Employee Training and Supporter System

The new employee training program aims to highlight the significance of not only individual actions but also those of the organization and team, while promoting a comprehension of the corporate culture.

To optimize the efficacy of the training, USJC provides semiconductor introduction education alongside to enhance understanding of PDCA model.

Besides, we put in extra effort to assist new employees by offering personalized support to help them manage the stress of living and working in an unfamiliar environment for three years.

New Employee Training and Supporter System

Overseas Training at UMC, Taiwan

In this era of rapidly advancing technology, it is crucial to cultivate highly skilled global human resources in order to enhance and sustain our technological competitiveness. As a member of UMC, USJC conducts overseas training programs at UMC Taiwan with a focus on the latest technologies and tools for manufacturing and equipment engineers.