It is USJC`s fundamental principle to gain, acquire and utilize intellectual property rights while keeping in mind of respecting the intellectual property rights of third parties.

Patent Rights

  • USJC develops various plans and strategies to encourage employees and staff to create ideas of inventions for obtaining patent rights.
  • When facing potential patent infringement by third party, USJC takes all necessary and appropriate measures to protect and defend its patent rights.
  • USJC adopts appropriate mechanism to avoid infringing third-party`s patent rights.


  • USJC creates and pertinently manages its own copyrighted works necessary and essential for its business activities.
  • When it is necessary to make use of copyrighted work owned or dominated by third party, USJC will acquire suitable license or consent to use from the copyright holder in advance and comply with the terms and conditions of such license or consent.


  • USJC uses its trademarks, service marks or logos in an appropriate manner to maintain and enhance the reputation, quality, and reliance of its business.
  • When adopting or creating a new product name or business logo, USJC will take due care to avoid potential infringement of trademarks owned by third party.

Trade Secret

  • USJC carefully handles and manages USJC`s trade secrets and the confidential information received from third party partners, including vendors, suppliers, and customers, in accordance with USJC`s internal information security management rules.