USJC is constantly thinking about the role we should play in our business activities to realize a sustainable society, and we effort to reduce the environmental impact. We have established an environmental policy and set " Important Themes" to prioritize our efforts toward realization.

Environmental Policy

USJC contributes to the realization of a sustainable society that balances both economic growth and environmental conservation with our customers, through the state-of-the-art semiconductor manufacturing technology with our expertise.

Our Principles

USJC works to reduce the environmental impact of the semiconductor manufacturing lifecycle with the following principles. We aim to achieve both economic growth and global environmental conservation with our customers and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  1. Conform to environmental regulations around the world and keep our promises to customers.
  2. Effectively and continually improve our environmental management system and work hard to improve our environmental performance.
  3. Develop products with outstanding environmental characteristics.
  4. Promote sustainable use of energy, water, and resources in the semiconductor manufacturing life cycle, as well as mitigate climate change and adapt to it in the international environmental protection framework.
  5. Manage and reduce chemical substances appropriately and promote waste control and recycling to prevent environmental pollution.
  6. Improve employee's environmental conscious through environmental and social contribution and biodiversity preservation activities.
  7. Disclose environmental information and maintain ongoing communication with stakeholders.

Priority Items

USJC will implement the following priority items in compliance with USJC Environmental policies.

  • Contribution to the realization of a smart society by providing semiconductor manufacturing technology

    We will contribute to the realization of a smart society and promote reduction of environmental impact by providing customers with environment-friendly technologies, prototype services.
  • Reduction of environmental impact in our foundry business

    We will reduce environmental impact by promoting energy-saving policies, yield improvement, improvement of operational efficiency, management and reduction of chemical substances, and recycling of waste.
  • Improvement of each employee‘s environmental consciousness

    We will contribute to the community's environmental society, promote biodiversity conservation activities, and improve each employee's environmental consciousness.