USJC has duly established the Board of Directors and internal committees as corporate bodies to respect our diverse stakeholders including customers and to respond to them in sincerity and in a timely manner. Through an optimal corporate governance structure, we are working to enhance the transparency and soundness of management and further develop the company.

Corporate Governance Structure

Corporate Governance Structure
Corporate Governance Structure

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of eight directors (including one outside director). USJC separates the management supervision function from the execution function, and the Representative Directors and Executive Officers, who are appointed by the Board of Directors, are responsible for the execution of duties. The Board of Directors` meeting is held four times a year in principle to make resolutions on issues required by law and important matters concerning the management of the company and to supervise the execution of duties. Given the size of USJC and the nature of its business, we will maintain an appropriate number of directors, not exceeding nine as stipulated in the Articles of Incorporation, that will enable the Board of Directors to function effectively and efficiently. In addition, we enhance the transparency and soundness of management by appointing independent outside directors.

Internal Committees

Risk and Compliance Committee

USJC sets up a Risk and Compliance Committee as an organization to assess the company's risk management and compliance status, and to determine risk management, compliance policies and measures. The Risk Compliance Committee consists of the chairman (President), members (Executive Directors), and specialized members (Senior Directors and Vice Presidents).

Business Continuity Management (BCM) Policy 

Environmental Promotion Committee

An Environmental Promotion Committee is established as an organization to discuss matters concerning the company's environmental management system (Chairman: President). This Committee deliberates on the operation status of the environmental management system and the progress of environmental activities in relation to the environmental policy and environmental targets as well as promotes the improvement of our environmental performance and impact.

Human Rights Awareness Committee

A Human Rights Awareness Committee is formed as an organization to conduct corporate activities with respect for human rights as its core value. Through this Committee, we are able to guide our managers and employees to actively understand and recognize the potential violation of various human rights or harassment issues, in order to create and maintain a bright and positive workplace free from discrimination.

Diversity Committee

A Diversity Committee is put into place to ensure that all of our employees are offered with sufficient opportunities to play an active role without being inhibited by differences in age, gender, nationality, disability, religion, SOGI, or other personal attributes or values. The Diversity Committee is determined to promote and cultivate a corporate culture that provides opportunities for each employee to maximize his or her potentials.

USJC Employee Code of Conduct

  1. Ⅰ. Objective

    USJC's objective in establishing this “Code of Conduct” is to promote ethics, honesty, and professionalism within the company and among its employees. It is our strong belief that USJC is an integrated organization that is well founded and that the action of every employee affects the reputation of the entire organization. All employees are obligated to strive for the extension of the company's interests within legal limits and is responsible for preventing damages or loss to the company's interests. The company expects all employees to abide by this Code in carrying out their duties and functions so as to safeguard trust from public and to ensure the company's sustainable growth and development.

  2. Ⅱ. Scope of Application

    All employees (including managers and officers)

  3. Ⅲ. Content

    1. Corporate Ethics and Integrity
    2. Respect for Individuals and Customers
    3. Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest
    4. Gratuity and Business Reception
    5. Full, Fair, Accurate, Timely and Understandable Disclosure
    6. Safeguard Associated with the Implementation of Code of Conduct and Reporting of Fraudulent Act
    7. Changes in the Code of Conduct
USJC Employee Code of Conduct