Our Vision

Our Vision

To unleash the power of
technology for a better world

Our Mission

  • We strive for corporate sustainability by providing reliable and innovative semiconductor foundry services, creating value for our customers and shareholders, and contributing to global economic development.
  • We are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint by leading value chain partners in adopting green manufacturing technologies and practices.
  • We aim to create a workplace in which employees feel respected and valued, have opportunities to grow and thrive, and can share in the company's successes.


    Integrity is at the core of everything we do. Our words are consistent with our actions, and we do not shy away from responsibilities. We encourage constructive debates. We are always truthful and we never take shortcuts. Stakeholders put their trust in us because we deliver on our commitments.



    Pragmatism is how we work. Facts and data form the foundation of critical thinking. We are guided by objective data and information, which ensures we are making decisions purposefully and accurately.



    Agility enables UMC to capture opportunities. We plan ahead and quickly respond to changes in today's fast-evolving market. We maintain our market-leading position by finding and executing data-based, effective solutions swiftly.



    Through ingenuity and critical thinking, we anticipate shifts in market dynamics in advance. We take the long term view in our strategic planning while focusing on enhancing the company's competitiveness in a constantly changing environment.