USJC provides Contract manufactuaring servise of Semiconductor as a member of UMC in Taiwan (the world's third largest foundry).
We have one of the largest 12 inch Logic LSI plant in Japan and produce about 35,000 wafers/month.

We implements proactive disaster mitigation measures, including the installation of earthquake-resistant structures, establishment of Li-capacity backup power supply, and deployment of LNG satellite bases.

USJC Strengths

  • A member of the UMC the world's no.2 pure-play foundry
  • One of the largest 300mm Logic LSI foundries in Japan
  • Large-Scale Disaster Risk Support

Business Area

Business Areas
Business Areas

USJC History

Mie Plant has played a crucial role in the expansion of Japan's semiconductor industry since its establishment in 1984 as a platform for developing prototypes and manufacturing logic, bipolar, and memory products.
Here is a brief overview of its advancement.

History of Mie Plant 
~ From the Birth of Semiconductor to the Present ~

  • 1980-1999
  • 2000-2009
  • 2010-2019
  • 2020-Now


Establishement of Mie Plant

In October, Mie plant was established and started operation of Fab-1 (150㎜) for prototypes and mass production of large scale memory and large gate-array


First shipment of EPROM Products


In September, Fab-2 (150㎜) started operation


In July, Fab-3 (200㎜) started operation.


Establishment of the world's first mass production fab for GaAs IC in Japan Development of the world's first CMOS based vector processing LSI (Super computer's operation function is in one chip)


Mie Plant was certified to ISO9001 (1994 Version)


Mie Plant was certified to ISO14001 (1996 Version)


Fab-2 changed to 200㎜ from 150㎜


Started mass production of 90㎚ Cu multilayer wiring


Completion of new 300㎜ wafer manufacturing fab (Fab-B1) at Mie Plant

FPGA's foundry agreement with Lattice Semiconductor (U.S.)


Fab-B1 started production of 90㎚ products in April

In September, initial introduction of NAS battery


Establishment of 2nd 300㎜ manufacturing fab (Fab-B2)

In September, concluded a license agreement with MoSys Inc. to use “IT-SRAM®”, an embedded memory technology, based on 65㎚ process


Fab-B2 started production of 65㎚ products

Success in generating and recovering high purity stone from concentrated hydrofluoric acid wastewater


Spin-off of Fujitsu Limited Semiconductor Business Unit as Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited

In August, ISO/TS16949 was certified


The headquarter of MIFS relocated to Shin-Yokohama Central Building (JR Station Building)


Change of the company name to Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited

Production start of LSI for Supercomputer “K”


Success in breeding "killifish" bred for monitoring water discharge


In April, LNG satellite base was installed in the factory

In September, mass production of DDC transistors based products started

In December, developed manufacturing technology to embed Flash memory cell in logic circuit with DDC technology


In December, Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited was established with capital participation by UMC (Taiwan)

Establishment of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited


In April, MIFS acquired IPR (intellectual property right) of ultra low power technology from SuVolta

In November, a new clean room adopted SWIT(Swirling Induction Type HVAC system)


In April, MIFS announced partnership with Kilopass in the field of technology development

In April, MIFS made an announcement of combining Deeply Depleted Channel (DDC) and near/sub-threshold technologies to reduce energy

In August, MIFS and FSL announced an agreement with US-based Nantero, Inc. to license that company's technology for NRAM, non-volatile RAM using carbon nanotubes, and to conduct joint development

MIFS was certificated ISO 9001:2015

Mie Plant was certificated IATF 16949:2016


Corporate headquarter and Shin-Yokohama Design center are relocated to Yokohama

MIFS was certified to ISO14001:2015

UMC Receives Final Approval for 100% Acquisition of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor

Establishment of United Semiconductor Japan Co., Ltd.


In July, USJC was certificated ISO/ICE 27001:2013


In July, USJC was certificated ISO22301:2019


In April, Collaboration with DENSO to production of power semisonductor

USJC was certificated ISO45001:2018


In April, USJC was certificated "ISO27001:2022"

In May, DENSO and USJC started mass production shipment of automotive IGBT