Mie Wafer Fab

Surrounded by an abundance of water and rich natural environment, the Mie Fab aims to be an advanced semiconductor manufacturing fab that maintains harmony with the natural environment. In December 1996, the fab acquired the ISO 14001 certification, an international standard of the Environment Management System (EMS).

About Mie Wafer Fab

Mie Wafer Fab
Mie Factory Access
Location 2000, Mizono, Tado-cho, Kuwana, Mie, 511-0118, Japan
Plant Manager Nobuhiro Misawa
Completion April,2005 (300mm Plant)
Products 300mm Logic
MIE 300 mm Wafer line
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Map of Surrounding area

Map of Surrounding area

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Plant Manager’s Message

Plant Manager
The Mie Fab commenced operation as Fujitsu Limited’s core fab for advanced semiconductor devices in October 1984. With the understanding and support of people in the local community, we provide high-quality technology and services to customers around the world using sophisticated manufacturing techniques and our proprietary technology. Going forward, we will continue to aim to be a fab that is loved and trusted by our customers.

Nobuhiro Misawa, Mie Plant Manager


We have more than 30 years of experience.

Since 1984, when we started operation as a base for development, prototyping, and mass production of logics, bipolar transistors, and memory, Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor has contributed to the growth of Fujitsu Limited and the entire Japanese semiconductor industry for over 30 years.

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ECO Foundry

With the aim of becoming an environmentally friendly semiconductor manufacturing fab, we make efforts such as introducing the latest energy-saving technologies and effectively using resources.

Disaster Resistant Fab

We take advanced disaster risk measures, such as being the first in the world to introduce hybrid earthquake-proof buildings, ensuring a backup power supply using Li capacitors, and deploying LNG satellite bases.

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