Foundry Services

USJC provides speedy, attentive services, from design support to manufacturing, based on our abundant experience and knowledge which we have accumulated since we operated as an IDM (Integrated Device Manufacturer).

Services Flow

USJC is a foundry company. A foundry processes silicon wafers to manufacture semiconductor devices based on design data from customers.

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Low-cost prototype chips can be manufactured by sharing masks and wafers among customers.

Manufacturing Site

Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Mie Wafer Fab

The production and development base of USJC is a 300-mm wafer fab located in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture in Japan. Our headquarters is in Shin-Yokohama, and our technology centers for PDK and library development are located in Shin-Yokohama and Nagoya. From these locations, we provide foundry services to customers in Japan and overseas.

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