UMC's embedded High Voltage (eHV) technology is based on Logic CMOS processes for the manufacturing of various display driver ICs, which play a key role in various display panels including LCD, OLED, as well as emerging micro-LED, micro-OLED, etc.

UMC offers the foundry industry's broadest portfolio of eHV solutions to accommodate various sizes and display technologies used everywhere in our daily life.
USJC supports eHV solutions as a member of UMC.

UMC covers small and large displays using a variety of display technologies For DDIC designs, we offer a full range of eHV solutions from 0.8um to 28㎚.
USJC currently offers a 55㎚ eHV solution.

The First foundry choice for DDI customers

  • eHV technologies ranging from 0.8um to 28㎚, with the most comprehensive foundry services for DDIC design & manufacturing.
  • Dedicated technologies available at various technology nodes to accommodate the different requirements for OLED and LCD DDICs.
  • Decades of experiences in DDIC technology development and wafer manufacturing, demonstrating UMC's leadership as being the world's largest foundry in the DDIC market.

USJC currently offers a 55㎚ eHV solution.